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      DOILY CRAFTS      

Around Valentine's Day is a great time to invest in a package of white paper doilies.

You will need heart shaped doilies for this activity.
Give each of your children a heart doily.
Let your children decorate them with markers or heart stickers.
Then, help each child glue his or her doily in the center of a 2” x 20” strip of red paper.
Wrap each child’s strip around his/her head and tape it in place to make a crown.

Give your child some doilies, some red and pink paper a paper plate, some glue and scissors. Encourage her to design a hat by cutting and gluing paper shapes onto the paper plate. When the glue is dry, staple on some crepe paper or yarn ties.

Give your child a piece of paper and two doilies. Have them place the doilies on top of the paper and then gently paint across the doily with red paint. Next help them to gently remove the doilies and Voila! They have doily prints on their paper.

Doilies are also great for children to do rubbings with. First have them lay a doily on a table. Then, have them lay a piece of paper on top. Next, show them how to remove the paper from around a few crayons and holding them sideways, rub across their paper. The doily design beneath will appear on their paper.

Doily prints and Doily Rubbings can be displayed as is, or they can be used to cut out heart shapes for hanging on walls or windows.