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  Creating With Craft Sticks

Craft sticks come in all sorts of sizes and colors now. Have a selection of
plain and colorful, thick and thin sticks available for these art projects.

Craft Stick Creature
Give your child a jumbo craft stick and several smaller ones. Let your child glue the craft sticks together, using the jumbo craft stick as the body of the creature and the smaller ones as the creature's legs, tails, ears, or antennae. Have the child paint the creature. When the paint is dry, let the child complete his or her Craft Stick Creature by gluing on wiggle eyes.
Craft Stick House

Give your child a sheet of heavy paper, some craft sticks, and glue. Let your child glue the craft sticks to the paper in the shape of a house. For example, the child could glue four or five craft sticks stacked on the paper like logs, then add two craft sticks at an angle to make a roof. When the glue is dry, let your child paint his or her house.
 Painting With Craft Sticks
Give your child a sheet of paper with a small amount of tempera paint on it. Have the child experiment with using craft sticks to move the paint around on the paper. Encourage your child to make a variety of designs with the ends, the sides, or the flat parts of the craft sticks.