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Shape Prints
Collect pieces of smooth and corrugated cardboard of the same thickness. Help your child cut the cardboard pieces into small shapes. Glue the cardboard shapes to the back of a paper plate, making sure that some shapes have the corrugated side up and some have the smooth side up. Set out a paint pad (see below) and paper. You're your child how to press the back of the paper plate onto a paint pad and then onto a sheet of paper to make a print.

Paint Pad-Make a paint pad by placing a sponge on a plate and pouring a small amount of tempera paint on it.

Berry Basket Prints

Collect a clean, empty berry basket to use for this activity. Let your child press the berry basket onto the paint pad (see above) and then onto a sheet of paper to make prints. Encourage your child to cover the paper with basket prints. Talk about the square shape of the prints.
 Kitchen Gadget Printing
You can make wonderful prints with kitchen gadgets and tools such as a potato masher, a spatula, a spaghetti spoon, and a pastry cutter. Set out a large sheet of paper. Let your child choose a gadget to press onto a paint pad (see above), and then onto the paper to make a print. Repeat with the other kitchen gadgets.
Sparkle Prints

Collect two or three foam stamps (simple, solid shapes such as a star, a balloon, or a diamond work best.) Pour a thin layer of glue onto a plate. Show your child how to press one of the foam stamps into the glue and then carefully press it onto a sheet of paper to make a "print." Let your child make several glue prints. Then help your child sprinkle glitter all over the glue. (Save the excess glitter by shaking it off into a box.) When the glue has dried, your child will have Sparkle Prints all over his or her paper.