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Take a clean toilet tissue tube or ½ of a paper towel tube and set it on a piece of heavy cardboard.
Draw around the base of the tube.
Remove the tube and draw a hat rim shape around the circle you have already drawn.
Cut out the hat rim and then cut out the inside circle.
Place the hat rim over the top of your tube, creating a hat on the tube.
Give the tube and hat to your child to decorate.
Set out some glue and some of the following materials for your child to use.
Glue Straw Flowers Small Feathers
Ribbons Lace Felt Scraps, etc.
Have your child use marking pens to add facial features to the tube under the hat.
Tube people can be used as puppets or dolls.
Have your child use marking pens to add facial features to the tube under the hat.
Tube people can be used as puppets or dolls.
You will need two 20 inch squares of wall paper for this hat.
Have your child spread glue on the back of one piece of paper.
Then place the back of the other piece of paper on top.
Next, while it is still damp, help your child place the paper on top of her head.
Shape the hat around the top of your child's head and then tie string or yarn around the crown to hold it in place.
Remove the hat from your child's head and allow it to dry.
When the hat is dry, remove the strings and cut the hat into any desired shape.
Your child can decorate her had with ribbon, buttons or paper flowers, if she wishes.
Cut the centers out of large, sturdy paper plates.
This makes the perfect base for any number of hats.
Try one or more of the following:
Cut a visor shape out of construction paper.
Glue or tape it to the front of the paper plate.
Use a nail to make holes in the paper plate rim.
Poke artificial flowers through the holes.
Place the flowered plate on top of another paper plate rim and tape together. (This protects the child's head from any pointy tips of the flowers.)
Glue a paper bowl to the rim.
Paint the bowl and paper plate all one color or several colors.
Add decorations as desired.