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PAPER SQUARE QUILT (a group activity)
Cut out 3” paper squares for your children in three or four different colors.
Then cut out 9” square pieces of white paper.
Draw thin black lines on each white card, creating nine 3” squares.
Give each child a white card, some glue and a glue brush.
Set out the small paper squares and have your children pick out nine squares to glue onto their white cards, hopefully in a pattern design. (But it's not necessary).
Attach cards together on a wall using rolled tape to create a large colorful quilt.

Variation: An individual child could glue multiple cards to make their own quilt.

Variation: You could also use 3” squares of material for this project.

You will need a display fish net for this project.
You may want to cut the fish net in half if it is very large.

Hang the net up on a wall.

Give your children 1” or wider strips of ribbon, material or paper to weave in and out of the holes in the net.
You will need sixteen 8” squares cut from light weight cardboard.
First punch holes around each side of each cardboard square, 1” apart.
Pass the squares out to your children and using marking pens, draw a picture of something that they are thankful for.
When the cards are completed, sew the cards together into a large quilt, using yarn.