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Here are some suggestions for different ways to display children’s art at home or at school.  I have always felt it was important to display children’s art.

Display art in old picture frames.
Screw metal clips on the wall to clip on art.
Make a large paper tree.  Tape art to the tree.
Make a large paper seasonal shape from colored paper.  Tape art to shape.
Cover a large board with burlap, aluminum foil, wrapping paper.  Add art.
Cover a large cardboard box with colorful paper.  Tape on art.
Place art inside a large cardboard box, let child crawl in to observe.
Hang art on a clothesline on a sunny day.
Hang art on a tree branch on a sunny day.
Hang art on doors.
Take a photo of  large art projects and tape them to refrigerator.
Use magnet clips on your refrigerator to clip on art.
Display transparent art on windows.
Attach cork board  strips to a wall and pin on art.
Make a large burlap banner.  Attach art with tape.
Make an art book.
Hang art on a fence outside.  Have a sidewalk art gallery.
Hang art on stairwell on down a hall way.
Lay the art work on a kitchen table and cover the table with a clear plastic table cloth or piece of plastic.
Cover art work with clear self-adhesive paper and use as placemats.
Cover a display area with one of the following; disposable paper tablecloth, grass cloth, aluminum foil, nylon netting, bed sheet. Pin on art work.