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You will need a package of fruit flavored lifesavers and a package of refrigerator cookie dough for these cookies.

  • Unwrap a package of refrigerator cookie dough, slice ½ “ cookie rounds and place them on a cookie sheet that has been lined with parchment paper.
  • Let your children help you cut mini circles out of the center of each cookie. (This could be done with a small circle shaped cookie cutter or a clean 1” plastic jar lid.)
  • Make additional cookies with the cut out sections.
  • Place cookies on the cookie sheet so that they have room to spread out.
  • Let your children place one lifesaver into each cookie hole.
  • Bake the cookies at 350 degrees for 7-9 minutes or until golden at the edges.
  • Let cool before transferring the cookies to a plate or storage container.


  • Make your child’s favorite round cookies.
  • Then have your child spread white frosting on top of a cookie.
  • Finally, let him sprinkle on some grated coconut.


  • Make your favorite sugar cookies and let cool.
  • Let your children frost the cookies with white or pink frosting.
  • Let your children sprinkle on some heart sprinkles or just red sprinkles.


  • Cut out cookie dough in the shape of eggs.  (An egg shaped cookie cutter can be made by bending and shaping the open end of a metal juice can.)
  • Let your children paint their cookies before you bake them.
  • You can make cookie paint by mixing 1 egg yolk with ¼ tsp. water and desired food coloring.
  • Child can use new small paint brushes or they can paint using Q-tips.


  • Make your favorite sugar cookies for this activity.
  • When cool, let your children spread orange frosting on top of the cookies.
  • Then have your children use black frosting and plastic coffee stirrers  to draw jack-o’-lantern faces or spider webs on the cookies.