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Jean Warren is a parent, teacher, grandparent and previous owner of Totline Publications, an early childhood developer of products for toddler and preschool teachers. Jean is best known for her delightful rhymes, stories and songs for working with preschoolers. Most preschool teachers are aware of her many popular books; such as; Piggyback © Song books, 1*2*3 Art , Theme-a-saurus and the Totline Teaching Tales children’s book series.

In her retirement, Jean has decided to give something back to the world by developing a totally FREE website for parents, teachers and grandparents of young children.

"Although I have spent the majority of my career writing and publishing for teachers, it is my firm belief that the success of a child in this world starts with the parents and their ability to recognize natural learning opportunities in the home. There is no magic, there are just involved parents and uninvolved parents."

"Through the Preschool Express site, I would like to offer parents and teachers strategies on learning to recognize these natural learning opportunities."