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Help your children trace around turkey cookie cutters on brown paper and cut out the shapes. Let them tear red, yellow, and orange paper into small pieces and glue them onto their turkeys for feathers. Use the turkeys for room decorations, or turn them into puppets by attaching craft stick handles.
This is a fun activity to use for reinforcing circles and triangles. Give each of your children a brown paper plate for a turkey body. Provide each child with a brown paper circle to glue on for a head, a dot sticker for an eye, and small orange triangles for a beak and feet. Then give the children large triangles in assorted colors to attach for feathers.


Give each of your children a paper with a barnyard scene drawn on it. Set out turkey rubber stamps and ink pads in assorted colors. Let your children use the stamps and ink pads to create barnyards full of colorful turkeys.
Collect real feathers in four or five colors, or cut feather shapes out of four or five colors of paper. Let your children use them for the activities below.
  • Group the feathers into piles by color.
  • Count all the red feathers, all the yellow feathers, and so on.
  • Place the feathers on matching colored turkey shapes.