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Set out a piece of dark-colored paper for each of your children. In the center of each paper, place some thick white finger paint. Have the children spread the paint all over their papers. Then invite them to slide and glide their hands like sleds through the white paint "snow" to create designs.
For each of your children, use a construction-paper strip, about 4 ½ inches by 12 inches, to make a toboggan. Curl one of the short ends of the strip toward the center of the paper and secure it in place with tape to form the front of the sled. Let your children decorate their toboggans with crayons or markers. Then given them magazine pictures of children dressed in outdoor winter clothes to glue onto their decorated sleds.

Select three large, sturdy box lids to use for sleds. Using thick yarn, tie a red handle onto one sled, a blue handle onto another sled, and a yellow handle onto the third sled. Then let your children take turns pulling the sleds around the room and filling them with objects that match the colors of the handles.
In a cardboard carton, place articles of children's winter clothing, such as mittens, parkas, and snow boots, and articles of children's summer clothing, such as sandals, shorts, and bathing suits. Set out a suitcase. Then invite your children to sort through the articles of clothing and pack in the suitcase those that they would wear for sledding.

Make up a story about sledding on a snowy hillside and tell it to your group. Encourage the children to listen carefully. Each time they hear the word "push," have them make pushing movements with their hands, and each time they hear the word "pull," have them make pulling movements. Extend the activity by letting the children demonstrate pushing and pulling various toys.
Try these ideas with your group.
  Bring in one or more sleds for your children to use for indoor dramatic play or outdoor snow fun.
  Use a small laundry basket lined with a blanket for a sled. Attach a rope handle and let the children give stuffed toys a ride by pulling them around the room.
  Cut the sides of a large cardboard carton to resemble the sides of a horse-drawn sleigh. Invite the children to paint the sleigh any color they wish. Encourage them to take pretend rides in their sleigh and describe what they experience. For added fun, sing "Over the River and Through the Woods."

Tune: "The Farmer in the Dell"
We're sledding in the snow.
We're sledding in the snow.
Up we climb, then down we go.
We're sledding in the snow.
Liz Ryerson

Encourage your children to make sledding movements with their hands as they sing.
Find a real sled or use an improvised one, such as in Sled Play, above. Wrap small treats in aluminum foil and place them on the sled. At snacktime, pull the sled around and let your children select wrapped treats to enjoy at the snack table.